Erwins Felicide "I'll be Careful You'll Be Dead"


Erwins Felicide Album Cover

Erwins Felicide Album Cover

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

To do for this week

The narrative shoot is in half term (next week), so before it we need to get done the following:
  • Finish detailed shot list
  • Storyboard
  • Scheduele the day
  • Practice the antagonists face paint
  • Complete the antagonists costume
  • Confirm Angus's costume
  • Have meeting with all actors showing them the shots we need to get on the day
  • Finalise with all cast and crew (Group x4, Angus, Antagonists x4, Tess, Robyn, Zarah) the exact times and arrangements of the day
  • Plan food preparations for the day (snacks, drinks, lunch for the cast/crew)
  • Organise make-up/hair stylings for the actors
  • Get all filming equipment ready to go
  • Group discussion on website
  • Group discussion on album art/ideas
  • Confirm studio for performance
  • Confirm Angus and Tom's costumes for performance
  • Ideas on band photo for album cover - and costume/props needed

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