Erwins Felicide "I'll be Careful You'll Be Dead"


Erwins Felicide Album Cover

Erwins Felicide Album Cover

Monday, 4 October 2010

Meetings Scheduele (Week 2)

As well as the times listed below, Dom and Kerry have free periods during Claire and Wanda's lessons for group work when there is no class work to do.

TimeGroup Members
  Monday  Periods 2 + 3Claire, Dom, Wanda
Lesson 7 + 8Dom, Kerry
TuesdayPeriods 2 + 3Claire, Dom, Wanda
Lesson 7 + 8Claire, Wanda
WednesdayPeriods 2 + 3Claire, Kerry, Wanda
Lesson 6, 7 + 8Claire, Wanda
ThursdayLesson 2 +3Dom, Kerry
Lesson 4 + 5Claire, Wanda
Period 6All
FridayLesson 1Claire, Wanda
Periods 2 + 3Claire, Kerry, Wanda
Period 4All
Period 5Claire, Dom, Wanda
Lesson 6Dom, Kerry

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