Erwins Felicide "I'll be Careful You'll Be Dead"


Erwins Felicide Album Cover

Erwins Felicide Album Cover

Monday, 4 October 2010

Target Audience

Core target audience:
  • Aged 16-24 mainstream indie/alternative scensters
  • Music is their life - read magazines (Kerrang!/NME), enjoy discovering new bands (MySpace/YouTube), discuss lyrics/artists with friends, live gigs concerts with atmosphere
  • Look to music for identity - clothes, political statements, iconography
  • Specialise into specific style - emo/punk/indie - look to make this style their own but recognisable
  • Both genders - audience not defined by societies rules on gender
  • Artistic and cultured - appreciate the 'icons' of the indie scene (e.g. concerts halls - Roundhouse)
  • Techno-savvy - use internet blogs/forums to discuss, download tracks (iTunes/Spotify), find bands online (Facebook/websites)

Indie Scenesters:

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