Erwins Felicide "I'll be Careful You'll Be Dead"


Erwins Felicide Album Cover

Erwins Felicide Album Cover

Monday, 27 September 2010

Treatment Pitch - I'll Be Careful, You'll Be Dead

Genre: Rock (TO BE SPECIFIED - Possibly indie / alternative / emo)

Band identity: British,

Narrative: Underground (other modes of public transport in London). Man goes around London whilst being pursued by antagonists. Antagonists are picked off individually. Man meets up with rest of band.

Antagonists role is to represent temptations (of drug use). "There is no escape yet / You will find it through your headset"

Audience: Young 14-25, teenage, male
Performance: In a professional-looking studio for grounding.

Band in jackets / jumpers / shirts. With accessories, belts, etc. Long hair. Skinny jeans.
Antagonists in black sweatshirts, etc.
Man in normal indie-kid clothes.

Cut between narrative and performance. Cutting to the beat.

Technical / Camera:
Close ups on instruments being played. Movement during performance. Costume.

Ideas for the band:
Tom Ro
Jack x 2

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