Erwins Felicide "I'll be Careful You'll Be Dead"


Erwins Felicide Album Cover

Erwins Felicide Album Cover

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Group Meeting 4 (30/09/10)

Aim to sort out what were doing over the 3 day weekend in order to be prepared to pitch on mon and tues.
  • screen shots (angus, tom rol, izzy, jack)  - an hour on saturday
  • location recies - photos
  • costumes - black attire - tights over head        - narative- colourful skinny jeans headphones
  • referencing - look of band, old music vid (cubicle)

So to do the location recies - we will meet in covent garden at 10  for a few hours of  finding potential locations and shots.

We will audition the actors on saturday afternoon to screen test the potential bands performance and lipsyncing skills.

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